Curse of Strahd/ Lost in the Dark Lake

Enter Barovia

CAtching up: Not very detailed

Adventurers Sailed into the Dark Lake of Kurayam

Mist overtake the Boat

Adventurers found themselves on a strange land

upon entering the land the group found a gate  where they met a Warlock named Anton

After travelling with Anton the group was attacked by wolves. Jack was dragged off by one of the wolves and Daves Character disappeared into the forest to get him.

Rest of group defeated wolves then traveled to the village of Barovia and stayed at the Blood of/on the Vine Tavern for the night after meeting some Vistana and the Son of the Burgomaster who's note the party receive at the gate where they met Anton, where they were asked to help the Burogmaster's Daughter/ Ismark's adoptive sister Ireena as the "Devil" Strahd has been preying upon her. They agree to meet up in the morning. 

The next morning the group tries to find their friends again where they lost them and are attacked by werewolves who say they were sent by Strahd. Party defeats them

Group finds fake tracks that lead to a pit trap meant to lure people to their doom

Party goes back to Barovia and meets with Ismark and Ireena who beseetch the group to help bring their dead father, who passed away due to stress and fear over the attacks that Strahd has sent toward the Burgomasters mansion, to the church to be buried, then the Ireena agrees to be brought to the village of Villaki.

Group brings the body of the Burgomaster to the church to find Father Donavich has gone mad through fear and stress as his son Doru was cursed with vampirism by Strahd. 

The Party asked the Priest of the Morninglord to help bury and give rights to the dead Burgomaster. The priest agreed and suggests bringing Ireena to the Abbey of St. Markovia. After receiving rights in the cemetery the group was attacked by undead rising from the ground and eventually Strahd himself who seemed to test the group and was intrigued as he has never seen a monk like Doran before. 

After dispatching Doran Strahd leaves and the group heals him and goes back to the Burgomaster's mansion to sleep for the night before heading out in the morning.


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